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Paper Crafts: Eid gift box or candy box for kids Eid Party

GROUP: Pre-K +
TIME: Less than 30 Minutes


In Turkish culture it is customary for children to receive small presents and candy during the celebration of Eid. In american culture we also celebrate Eid by gathering with family and friends and making small parties for children.

In my family which is a blend of Turkish and American cultures we celebrate by having gatherings at the mosque or at home and having small parties with family, friends and small children. Here we give away candy and small presents for the children and reward them for their good behavior. Eid ul-Fitr or Id-ul-Fitr is very important and one of the two Eids celebrated by Muslim all over the world. For this wrappers we used white paper and color paper, to give it an eid touch use green, gold or yellow paper :)

  • -A piece of Square paper (origami paper works well)
  • -A small piece of color paper
  • -Glue
  • -Marker
  • -Scissors

  • Take a square piece of paper and glue along one side.
  • Form a cylinder, attaching the side that has glue to the other side.
  • Seal off the bottom by putting glue along the edge.
  • In a small piece of paper shaped as an oval, write the desired message.
  • My paper came shaped like this so I did not have to cut it.
  • Attached the oval to the bottom of your gift box.
  • If the gift box is to long for what you are planning to put inside you can always cut the top off.
  • Now glue the upper edge and close opposite to the bottom edge to give it a triangle shaped look.

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